Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Weekly Bollywood Song - Dil De Diya

Dil De Diya from Ram Avtar

I love Sridevi. She is definitely one of the greatest actresses to have ever hit the Indian silver screen, she was a complete package. And hearing the news of her considered comeback, then it always gives me the envy of re-watching some of her dances. She is also a great dancer, actually she is my second all-time favourite dancer in Bollywood. She does not have the perfect technique, but there is some enjoyment and joy when she dances that makes me love her dancing. I am never tired of watching her dance, and "Dil De Diya" is one of my favourites from her, and I think this one is also quite underrated. She is so feminine and sensual in it. She is so lovely, joyful and energetic. This is definitely one of her best dance numbers. Enjoy!


  1. I downloaded this film some time ago and I´m looking forward to it - just for Sridevi! She was/is really one of the best ones! For me she is third favourite dancer :)