Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Weekly Bollywood Song - Thare Rahiyo

Thare Rahiyo from Pakeezah 

There are moving stories. There are moving movies. There are moving actresses. There are moving songs. Pakeezah is a moving movie telling a movie story starring a movie actress (Meena Kumari, I love you.) , and "Thare Rahiyo" is a moving song. I think this is a milestone in Lata Mangeshkar's career. Nothing can beat her old songs, her voice is sheer magic and out of this world in this song. I also have to talk about the picturization, especially Meena Kumari. The Tragedy Queen.  Her beauty is breath-taking here, her complexion is fair and glowing, her eyes deep and expressive, she looks like an angel. All this to say: 


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