Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bollywood in Cannes Festival 2011

It has been several years (especially since the success of Devdas) that Bollywood universe is really present in the famous and reputed Cannes Festival. This year, no less than five Bollywood stars are going to be there: Aishwarya Rai (of course, as every year), Rani Mukherjee, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor.

Cannes Festival is more interesting to me right now, as the big Bollywood fan that I am. I am really happy Hindi cinema is more and more acknowledged  (and all the more so that it is in my country that this is happening. Yes, I am glad to be French at the moment.)

The most interesting thing in Cannes this year will be the documentary about Bollywood which is going to be projected. Well, I would love to go and watch it, but I can only hope fans might get access to this film if it is released. Anyway, I absolutely wanted to post this documentary's trailer, which is really well-done.

That is a hundred year of Hindi cinema brilliantly put in an amazing preview of three minutes long. It is awesome. And I am sure this is a great documentary. It has been done by passionate people about Bollywood anyway, so I am confident, and I hope it will provoke even more interest from the West about the greatest cinema-industry in the world. You know, if I only wanted to show what I love about Bollywood, this video would be enough.

Bollywood is indeed the greatest love-story ever told, not only mine, but also the one of billions of people. That's what I love about it, it is about making people happy, about gathering people together (not only a whole Nation), and some people might keep their prejudice about Bollywood but I say, no other cinema has been able to make me feel alive and free, to move me, to show feelings, to warm my heart, to make me dance like mad, to make me in love with music, to show me what love is as Bollywood has. 

Bollywood is unique. Bollywood is Passion. Bollywood is Love.



    And this post should be framed even if only for that last sentence.

  2. WOW, that is one amazing trailer! There's no word on whether the film will be released to the public? I'm officially dying to see it after that!

  3. Ally - are you speaking about my terrible article? :o

    The Bolly'Hood - I do not know. I REALLY hope, with all my heart. I will keep my eyes guarded on Cannes from tomorrow and if any news is released about it, believe me, the whole world will hear me being happy. :D I am also so dying to see it.

  4. Yes, about your terrific article :D

    We DESERVE to see it!

  5. I'm so proud to be one of those 2 billion people... Immediately posted the youtube video on facebook and twitter and sent the link to someone from a German BW magazine - they need to let us watch this!

    So excited!

  6. Ally - you are too sweet.

    Lime - thank you for having done that! I hope they will let us get it. :D Cannot wait to have more feedback about it!