Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why do I love Madhuri Dixit?

Madhuri Dixit's 44th birthday is soon to be on May 15th. And on this occasion, my friend Gaja Gamini on her Bollywood-ish blog organised the "Magic of Madhuri week" as a tribute to her in the blogosphere. Check her blog to know more about it.

Madhuri is one of the first reasons why I am such a big Bollywood fan, and I think it is only fair if I make my first post in this special week a place to drool and go gaga over Madhuri. I think that quote greatly sums up how my craze about Madhuri started.

"There are actresses and there are actresses. And then there is a Madhuri Dixit."
Vikram Phadnis

That is exactly how it happened for me. I knew no movies from Bollywood, and virtually nothing about it. When I decided to watch Devdas, it was only out of a deep curiosity, and not only did I discover my favourite movie ever, this movie also gave me my favourite actress. It slowly grew on me throughout this movie to see how special she was. The most expressive eyes I have seen. A smile to die for. And a voice which conveys every emotions of her character, Chandramukhi. Only by the time she appeared in this movie in this marvellous white saree, I was already mesmerised. And when the scene where Chandramukhi slaps Kali-Babu, I felt all the strength of her portrayal. And yes, I immediately thought: "this woman is... special"

In a single movie, she showed me everything an actress should be. Everything a woman should be.

She can play anyone, she can be anyone. From childishly jealous Mohini (Tezaab) to free-spirited Diya (Aaja Nachle), from sweet Nisha (HAHK) to strong and rebel Janki (Lajja), all those performances were those of a natural actress. And of a complete actress. She has all the qualities of the greatest actresses of the past yet she is so different. Her beauty takes your breath away, her dancing leaves you speechless on the spot, and her acting makes you feel all the emotions her characters go through. 

One sees how passionate and hard-working she is. She does not dance, she lives the dance, it seems as if the music emanates from her own body and face expressions. She does not play a character, she lives the character. The only one who can be better than her is her very self. Everytime she amazes more. Not only as an actress, but also as a person. She is a wonderful human-being, very natural, very humble, very down-to-earth. She teaches you to always try to be a better human-being. She is sheer elegance, sheer beauty, sheer magic... There is a timeless dream-like quality about her. She is out of this world, and in the same time, so real.

Do not call her a Princess. Do not call her a Queen. She is a Goddess. She is the epitome of acting and of talent, she is the incarnation of dance and beauty. She is the most graceful dancer, the most complete actress, the perfect woman, the ultimate woman. And NO cinema industry will see anyone like her ever again. Someone like her only happens once. This is the magic of Madhuri.


  1. "The only one who can be better than her is her very self."


  2. Okay, then I'll quote my favorite sentence, too:

    "She is out of this world, and in the same time, so real."

  3. Great and marvellous article.....

  4. Great and Fantastic article...

    110% agreed..........