Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Madhuri and her men

I think that it is the case with many people when it comes to their favourite Hindi actor/actress to rank the jodis they made in order of preference. And that is exactly what I am going to do in this post. I saw most of the films Madhuri, being my favourite actress, played in. And I have, of course, my own preferences. Of course, she had many co-stars during her iconic career, but I just had to give my TOP 5.
5. Jackie Shroff 

What was great with this pairing is that Jackie looked exactly like a man should be, very manly, and although he is not especially handsome, one can easily find him really sexy. They could be sexy and sweet together.

4. Sanjay Dutt

 All those who keep saying they had an affair: out! This rumour has been proven wrong MANY times. Anyway - those two still made a great on-screen jodi and could be as well, and as you can see on this picture (from a movie that in the end was not made), hot.

Better than my poor words, here is a sweet song from my favourite Sanjay Dutt/Madhuri movie: Saajan. One of my absolute favourites.

3. Anil Kapoor

Please, don't kill me for this spot when it comes to Anil. I know they were the most iconic jodis up until DDLJ which started the SRKajol mania. But hey, he is still at the number 3 spot. I don't think I need to say much about them. Everybody can guess why their on-screen chemistry was reputed. And it has never been overrated. They created the magic of Tezaab together, they gave innocence to the gangster-movie Parinda, she was his Radha in Ram Lakhan... and through the fourteen movies they did together, their comfort level grew and grew.

My favourite song of theirs must be the magical and dream-like "Kismat se tum" (by the master A.R. Rahman) in Pukar - the last movie they were paired opposite in and the movie they had the greatest chemistry in, IMO.

2. Aamir Khan

Oooooooh, my Dil is sinking, I lost it somewhere and...Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya. Do you know? No? Errm, whatever.

Pity they only made two films together, because damn, they were a great jodi. Just sweet, powerful... And I just love young Aamir. I like him more than the current one, always showing his great business-sense and not giving a bloody kick-ass performance. (You can do it, Aamir!) I need to watch Dil again. Mein jaati hoon....I think I found the song which can tell me where I have lost my dil...

1. Shahrukh Khan

The King, the baadshah... Who else could rock the first place? He is not called the greatest lover for nothing. I have always preferred the jodi he makes with Kajol, but I think Madhuri always looked the best with him, they have an amazing comfort level, and the chemistry... always leaves my heart melting. Ok, they did not have space to have much chemistry in Anjaam (though they were both amazing ), unfortunately played in this bad and nauseous B-grade movie Koyla, but they were the only saving grace of a shallow movie like Dil To Pagal Hai, really looked like a married couple in Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, and I could feel Chandramukhi's love for Devdas, and the latter's attraction to the golden-hearted courtesan as if I was living it... Ok, and because this is them, not one but two videos tribute to their amazing chemistry.

Aaaah their performance in the last Filmfare awards was sheer magic...

Who do you prefer Madhuri with?

Another small and humble post for the Magic of Madhuri week hosted by Gaja Gamini on her Bollywood-ish blog


  1. Well.... you know my choices!!! :D

    but then I would throw in Salman
    Then Sanjay and then Jackie....

    Anyway - great post!And you gave me an idea for next article!

  2. Anil shouldn't even be on the list :| & I like Aamir with her the most :D

  3. Aaah SRK/Madz at number 1 makes me so happy!!! I totally agree!

  4. Ally - What idea? :D Cannot wait to see.

    Kassy - why shouldn't he be? They have always looked GOOD together, and they were the most popular couple up until SRKajol arrived. :D

    The Bolly'Hood - he is my favourite actor ever, she is my favourite actress ever and they just look so so so so great together. I'm glad someone else agree. :D

  5. SRK-Madhuri is the most beautiful pair. She has greah chemistry with Anil Kapoor also. Pukar was immense.

  6. If it's difficult for Madhuri to stay long enough in India for film making, why don't they fly SRK to the US? Heard that they're making a remake of Stepmom, why not The Story of Us with these two? :)

  7. Srk+Madhuri= King & Queen of Bollywood!!:D:D hope one day they will have a movie together again..<3<3