Sunday, 20 March 2011

Happy Holi!

Aaah Holi... The source of many joyous (and colourful) songs in Bollywood. So, to celebrate it my own way, I just selected my three favourite Holi songs.

 3. Let's Play Holi - Waqt - The Race against Time
I have not watched the movie yet, but this song is too catchy for me not to mention it.

2. Holi Ke Din - Sholay
The perfect Holi song! Joyous, lively... and served with Hema Malini's grace.
1. Soni Soni - Mohabbatein
I did not like the movie, but the great soundtrack saves it and Soni Soni is defintiely the gem, the one which stands out. What can I say more? Watch it to see by yourself!

Happy Holi!

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